Ah, your Senior year of high school is such a special time.

For the senior, it’s a time to enjoy your youth, spend time with family, hang out with friends and look towards the future. For the mom, it’s a time to reflect on how quickly they’ve grown and how you hope you’ve done everything within your power to equip them for life.

Just like it is so important for a new mother to have beautiful photos of their wee little ones, it is equally important for a mother to make sure the last moments you have with them at home are recorded as well.

Sweet Hannah is a perfect example of happiness from a teenager about to embark on the journeys of life. Her smile is as captivating as her heart. The camera loved this beautiful young lady.

Shelli Allen Photography wishes her well in her next steps of life!

If you are senior or know of someone who is, we’d love to make your senior year a memorable one. Give us a call at 770-547-4797 or email us at

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