Shelli Allen Photography has had the honor of capturing the sweet, sweet sprit of a fantastic family over several years: The Kirklands.

A few years ago, Shelli photographed little Baby Finn. He was just a wee, little guy. So soft and snuggly. So new.


Fast forward a little – Finn is getting a little bigger.

Shelli captured him and his precious, precious siblings as part of Finn’s “Remember Me” photo series package.

This was such a fun shoot with lots of color and life!  Their mamma, Laura came ready with bright vivid colors that clearly marked the vibrant time their family was experiencing. And Laura’s intuition with color is not just happenstance. You see, she is a super talented artist at Glory Haus.

She has an eye that is great at going for the perfect look and boy does it shine!

Kirkland Edits - Mal4blogresized

Throughout the years, this family has remained dear to Shelli Allen Photography’s heart.

Shelli has continued to capture memorable moments of this fantastic bunch.

Here are just a few of our favorites from their most recent shoot. There are so many great ones. It is hard to narrow down to just a handful.



Again, mom Laura did not disappoint with her clothing and look for the family.  The Kirkland children continue to grow and become even more endearing.           Their “look” has changed to reflect their place in life.  Now, this adorable family of 5 is looking to adopt the most precious little girl.


Here’s to looking forward to the future with another spectacular member of the Kirkland family.

Shelli Allen Photography can’t wait to capture the upcoming chapters of this family’s life story. It’s been a great trip thus far!!

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