Meet the Suhr Family..! The sweetest Christian family with 2 amazing Godly parents and 3 amazing kids!!.. Mom was really wanting a great family portrait, as well as individuals, before her daughter Abby (on right) heads to the University of Georgia!! The kids were so energized and very entertaining for me! I always get a big kick out of teenage boys’ reactions and comments when they realize not only will there be family shots, but individual shots, as well… Dillon, pictured on the left, who is the one of the most polite young men I know, gave me the best one liner ever when I told him it was time for his individual shots… He says in the most sweetest, most polite voice ever, ” You are kidding, right!?” I said, “No sir, I am not..!” I died laughing!! He was trying soo hard to be as sweet and patient with me as he could be, but honestly thought i was playing a little joke on him! I think he realized it wasn’t that bad! ha ha Good laugh for his sisters and me! Thank you Dillon for being such a gentleman! I think this Mom will be very proud to have these. You can’t go back in time and capture this moment. Thank you Suhr Family!

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