I didn’t get to see her today because she is halfway around the world, but i wanted her to know how much I LOVE her!!

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(My brother-in-law, Will, took these pics(by the way he is an amazing real estate agent in Watercolor, Florida..he he) and I will forever treasure them.


*My Mama birthed me at 18 years old. We lived on a farm in Pronto, Alabama.  She was a baby, so we grew up together.

*She was that Mom that brought me lunch EVERYDAY in high school.  We had a planned time to meet everyday in the parking lot, and I would then hide and share with my friend, Brandi, who had lost her dear Mom.

*She was that young Mom that all my guy friends drooled over. She was/is a beautiful lady. {(I can say that because I didn’t get her looks:)} And what made her so beautiful was that she did not even know it.

She was the Mom at every sporting event and wouldn’t dare dream of complaining because she had 2 other kids that needed her attention, as well.

She was the Mom that sang to me in the morning and brought me breakfast in bed.

She was/is the Mom that I visit her closet and want every stitch of clothing and jewelry she has. (I ask now instead of take..he he ) This woman is HIP!

She was that Mom that LOVES for her kids to be sick, so she could make them a pallet on the couch and bring them crushed ice. Now she does it for her grandkids.

She was that Mom that was SIMPLE. She took care of her family. She respected her husband and she wouldn’t dare dream of not having dinner for her family one night. She cooked EVERY night.  (good thing she doesn’t live here or she might be highly disappointed with my meals!)

She is a fiesty little thing and man can she DANCE!  You might find her on stage if you are lucky!:)

She LOVES the LORD and always had us at church every time the doors were open.

She has a way about her that draws people near.. She is my Mama and I love her..

Thank you Mama..

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