You blink, they’ve grown. You turn around and they take your breath away.

Recently our family had one of the best family vacations of a lifetime. The kind where the kids were old enough to enjoy one another’s company as well as the adults.  We surfed and fished and laughed but most importantly, we made memories.

I took my camera and captured these fleeting moments with my sweet girl.  She is at a place where she is still very much a little girl but she is starting to really turn into her own person. Her baby face isn’t as prominent and who she will be one day has started to emerge and truly shine.

As a parent, these are the slices of life that need recording because they will be gone before we know it.  My sweet Rosie girl is growing up. I want to always remember her this way. Carefree, happy, creative, independent and cherished beyond her wildest imagination.


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