Just a few shots of the some special little people in my heart..


Meet Trouble 1, Fordham and Trouble 2, Annie Rose..
Fordham is my nephew. He calls me “Sissy” and I love him very very much.
Meet Trouble 2, Annie Rose..She is my little girl and is a sunshine to all of us.
Trouble 1 and Trouble 2 are very easy going little ones EXCEPT when they are together.. They just laugh and laugh and try to conjure up things to keep us on our toes. The last little incident was throwing baby powder all over Trouble 1’s room..I doubted they would ever do such a thing again after the trouble they got into, but we caught them hiding in the corner last time saying, “Let’s go throw powder again.” That is when i stepped in, being the 1st born child that I am, and dared them to do it again! ha ha I can’t even think of the teenage years yet…
Needless to say they love each other deeply..

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