Reynolds​ Family- Watercolor Florida Photographer

This crowd was so enjoyable and a fun bunch! The grandmother contacted us and her one request was “capture the moment!” She was interested in all smiles or poses, but just her family being together making memories to remember.

Amen..Yes, we can do just that!!






​Wood Family- Watercolor Florida Photographer

Loved spending time with this absolutely precious brother and sister!  I have been photographing them for years and every session gets sweeter and sweeter! THIS is one of the many reasons I love what I do!  

Sims Family from Texas – Watercolor Florida Photographer

It’s fall already! We had a great summer with ALL our families on 30A and are excited for Fall.

Shelli enjoyed this cute family from Texas. Their mom, Stacy, was super relaxed and let Shelli shoot their images without her (just the kids) because she knew that would be best. Stacy allowed Shelli to do her thing. No pressure for kids to perform and all fun and games!!!


Holle Family – 30A Florida Rosemary Beach Photographer

Bright, fun and full of spunk. The Holle family made a great day out of our photoshoot.

This 4 family knows how to have a good time and enjoy one another. Just look at those faces and embraces. You can’t help but want to smile back at them each and every time.

Holle_1Holle_2Holle_3Holle_4 Holle_5 Holle_6

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