Jason and Ashley Engagement – Atlanta Photographer

Happy, Happy Summer!!!

Shelli Allen Photography has been taking advantage of the beautiful, sunny weather.

During the middle of our June 30-A sessions in Florida, Shelli traveled back to the Atlanta area to shoot an engagement session for this precious couple, Jason and Ashley.

JandA_1A_1The location was a lovely field, full of wildflower blooms. The bride-to-be came fresh-faced ready to blend perfectly with the organic atmosphere.  These two were obviously right at home in this setting with their casual appeal and their undeniable love for one another.


A_2Shelli Allen Photography is currently taking a break from wedding photography but continues to book engagement sessions.

If you are a bride-to-be (or groom-to-be) and desire amazing engagement photos, contact us today!  We love a good love story!!!

Celia and Kav, A Love Story – 30A Photographer

Stunning.  Perfect location.  Perfect couple.  Perfect beginning to their life together as a couple.celia1The wedding of Celia and Kav was absolutely breathtaking.  The location – Alys Beach, Florida.

When Shelli Allen Photography was contacted to shoot this wedding, the creative juices started flowing.  You see, Shelli knows Celia.  She knows her fantastic style and impeccable taste as co-owner of  Willow Boutique in Rosemary Beach, FL and Willow Woods in Seaside, FL.
From day one, Celia and Shelli collaborated.  She gave Shelli the opportunity to spread her creative wings and the sky was the limit. Celia said go…Shelli ran.  As a bonus, this couple is breathtaking together and really knew how to work the camera.




celia2celia3But the story does not end there. Months after these beauties were married, they learned they would have a new little man in nine months!  celiababy1His name is Hux.  Shelli photographed this little guy a few weeks after his birth.celiababy2


A love story. A sweet little love story.

Stay tuned in January for Cindy Krutz, Celia’s co-owner of Willow Boutique in Rosemary Beach, Florida and Willow Woods in Seaside, Florida.  Cindy has a great looking family with pizzaz as well.  Special surprise? Twins and a precious, precious boy.  Plus, one more beautiful couple!!

Make sure to visit Celia and Cindy’s shops the next time you’re in the 30-A area.  A real treat.  If you can’t visit in person, they have an awesome website where you can shop ’til your heart’s content.


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