Little Betsy  + Amazing ART + LINENS = BLISS


Umm YES this is her nursery and YES it is this TO DIE FOR!  Is she a DOLL or what?


I arrive, walk in and my heart start to race… Why?  Well,  I have a slight obsession with PHOTOGRAPHS, ART, and LINENS… I swear I felt I had stepped into heaven in this home.

I had to collect my thoughts, get back on track and say to myself, “We are here to take photographs Shelli, not gaze at all the artwork…FOCUS!”

I thought I had picked up my jaw, put back on my “working hat” UNTIL I walked into this room below..the LINENS. oh me oh my..!


You see this little Mama of Betsy’s is a pretty talented little chic herself and owns an AMAZING fine linens and furnishing shop, GRAMERCY, in Atlanta.  It has beautiful speciality linens, furniture, art and gifts.  My mouth waters when I walk into the door!  For those blog stalkers out there, add this one to the list for some inspiration!!!


Bye Bye Betts..Until next time..

_MG_9025_edit copy757

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